Saturday, June 23, 2007

Driveway Excavation

The old railway roadbed was several feet higher than the building site; so it had to be brought down to the level of the yard area. The railbed was full of rocks and this turned out to be a huge job. Some of the larger boulders took almost an entire day to dislodge and move.

Note the large boulder in the left foreground. This sucker is still there, I never did get it out.

This one was way too big to fit into the front-end loader. All I could do was roll it to a low spot in the yard.


  1. You and Mr. Dynomite must have just missed each other in town. I think he had a couple of friends that could've helped chu out ming.. :>)

  2. Dave says...
    My son said a brick of plastic explosive would have done the trick!