Saturday, September 15, 2007

Finishing Up The Forms

Once all the frame-up work was done, I started placing the FastFoot form-bag into place. Once the form-bag is in place, then the top cross braces are attached and two rows of 1/2" rebar are suspended from the cross braces using standard tie-wire.

The two rows of rebar are suspended about 12" apart and approximately 6" below the top of the form. The ends of adjoining pieces are overlapped at least 2' where possible and tied together using 8" plastic zip ties. The cross braces are drilled out to accept the 5/8" rebar dowels that will tie the ICF walls to the footings. By having the dowels protrude from the center of the cross brace, rather than from beside it, they won't be in the way when it comes time to screed the concrete.

In one corner of the site, there is some bedrock that I wasn't able to remove with the Betonamit. It is protruding up as high as 6" into the footing area and I'm concerned that the building inspector will make me step up the forms over it.

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