Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pouring The Footings

I called the concrete supplier yesterday afternoon to book a time to have the footings poured. They said "How about tomorrow morning?" Quite a surprise, I thought I'd have to book a week or more in advance.

They showed up bright and early this morning with two concrete trucks and a pump truck.
Some of the footings were a bit deeper than called for, and the form-bag expanded a bit more than expected, so my calculations for the amount of concrete we needed were a bit off. By the time we were half done I realized we were going to be short, and I had to order a third truckload of concrete at the last minute.

Props to the guys at Priority Concrete Pumping and West K Concrete. Excellent Service!


  1. Dave says: That was a lot of concrete you poured. How long will it take to set before you can start construction of the house?

  2. We actually started stripping off the forms today, but it needs to cure about a week before you can pour the basement walls. The ICF forms are supposed to be delivered on Friday, so by the time we have them up, the forms will have cured enough.