Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ready For Walls

The first of four loads of Logix ICF blocks have been delivered.

ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms) are basically made up of two pieces of styrofoam separated by plastic webs, and they get put together somewhat like Lego blocks. Once the walls have been erected, they get filled with concrete.

ICF-built houses are very energy efficient, they will withstand very high winds, and they are much more fire-resistant than wood-framed buildings.

They will add about 10% to the total cost of the house.


  1. Dave asks ...

    The ICF's are cool. Do you leave them on once the concrete is poured in the middle?

  2. You bet. The styrofoam gives you equivalent of R40 insulation. The drywall gets attached directly to the styrofoam on the inside and the siding gets attached directly to the styrofoam on the outside. There are strips of plastic embedded into the ICFs that the drywall or siding gets screwed into.