Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Trouble With Rebar Benders

The only way to bend rebar properly is with a reber bender/cutter, so I rented one from a tool rental place in Trail. If you've never seen a rebar bender, it looks like a giant pair of pliers with 5-foot long handles. One of the long handles is attached to a plank, and plank sits on the ground so that the other handle sticks up into the air.

To use it, you put the rebar in the jaws to cut it, or inbetween two "knobs" (for lack of a better term) to bend it. Once the rebar is in place, you just pull down on the handle and... presto!... you're job is done. Sounds simple, but the act of "pulling down on the handle" is easier said than done. It takes an awful lot of force to cut through 5/8" steel.

So, as I was pulling down on the handle, I leaned across it with my chest to add some extra weight. I heard a pop, and now I have a cracked or dislocated rib. This ought to be good for at least a week's delay.

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