Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Installing The Floor

Now that the basement walls are up I can start putting up the ledger boards and floor joists. The ledger boards are attached to the walls by means of two-piece steel brackets manufactured by Simpson Strong-Tie.

The inside bracket piece is the octagonal shaped one. It has two fins that were poked through the ICFs before the concrete was poured. The fins extend through the ICFs about four inches and are embedded solidly into the concrete. The ledger board is then sandwiched between the inside and outside brackets, and the everything is held together with eight - 3" bolts.

Once the ledger boards have been attached to the walls, the joist hangers can be attached to the ledger boards, and then the floor joists are set down inside the joist hangers.

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  1. I guess with the ICFs y ou have to really plan ahead - so that you can place things in them ahead of time. They sound like a really good idea...