Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Septic Tank Installation

The guys from Edgar's Mini Backhoe Services came yesterday to start installing the septic system. As septic systems are such a critical part of a house project, they are regulated by the BC government; and only certified installers can install them.

The septic system is gravity fed, so the tank has to be lower than the house. Fortunately the back of the property slopes down away from the house, so they were able to install the tank quite easily. All they had to do was dig a big hole and drop the tank into the hole.

The main septic tank is 1000 gallons. There will also be a secondary tank installed beside it. The secondary tank will contain a pump system that pumps the effluent out to the septic field.

Trench from the septic tank to the house.
These pipes go from the septic tank down to the septic field, which is about 400 feet down the road. Normally the septic field would be closer to the house, but in my case I had to go quite a distance in order to find soil that was more suitable for drainage. The pipes will be buried about 4 feet under the roadway.


  1. Dave Asks:
    What happens if the pipes freeze in winter. 4 feet under ground is not that far!

  2. According to the Building Dept, the frost line here is actually only at 2 feet, so 4 feet should be safe.