Saturday, December 1, 2007

Conduit And Gravel

I had someone come out a few weeks ago to put in the electrical and water lines to the well. I wanted to get that work done before freeze-up because they had to dig trench from the house to the well. If I didn't do that work now, I'd have had to wait until spring. Now, once the house is enclosed, all they have to do is lower the submersible pump down into the well and hook up the controls in the basement... and I'll have running water. That work can be done anytime of the year, it's not weather-dependent.

When I poured the basement, I had put in wall penetrations just above the footing to accommodate the power and water lines to the well. Now I've run a conduit for the electrical line from the basement to where the wires begin to run underground to the well-head. The connection where the conduit is attached to the wall penetration has been thoroughly sealed up with waterproof caulking. The water line (on the right; below) has yet to be sealed up. When the rest of the drain rock is put here, the waterproof membrane will sit flat on top of the lines... like their own private little roof.

I also did a bit more work on the gravel bed around the foundation drainage pipe. I cleared away the snow, then put gravel underneath and around the pipe as explained a few days ago.

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