Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Installing Long Ledger Boards

I'm back to installing the ledger boards again. I've started with the two longest ones first so that I can get them out of the way. They're not overly heavy... maybe 120 lbs... but because they are 27' and 30' long, they're very cumbersome to move around.

My plan is to lift them up on to the top edge of the basement wall, then lower them down into place just below the top of the wall.

I started by getting one end of the ledger up on the edge of the wall. I've placed a scrap of aluminum C-channel on the top of the wall for the ledger to sit in. This will protect the top of the ICF and will also allow the ledger to slide easier.

Now it's just a matter of sliding the ledger all the way along the top of the wall. The rebar that's sticking out of the top of the wall prevents the ledger from falling to the outside, and I've got 2x4 braces attached to the inside of the wall to prevent it from falling into the basement. The braces also provide a base for the ledger to sit on until it's attached to the wall with the steel brackets.

Once it was in the right spot, I just stood on the outside of the wall and gave the ledger a little shove at the bottom with a 2x4. Amazingly enough, it fell into place with a thunderous crash! (Actually more of an anti-climactic thud.)

Now that it's in place, all I have to do is shim it to level and attach it to the wall permanently.

This is the other long ledger... at the front of the house. The steel brackets are partially installed.

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