Monday, December 17, 2007

Installing The Main Floor Beam

The main floor beam is made up of four pieces; each piece 16' long and 2" thick. Two pieces go back to back for each half of the house, so the entire beam size is 32' long and 4" thick.

I've installed temporary support posts that will only be used until I get the beam up. Once the beam is up and I have some joists attached to it, I'll install the permanent teleposts and remove the temporary ones.

I attached the joist hangers to the beam before I put it up... it's just easier to install them when the beam is flat on the ground.

The beam is a bit cumbersome for one person to handle, so I put some temporary stirrups on the posts so that I could lift the beam up on to them first. Once the beam was resting on them, it was much easier to lift it up the rest of the way.

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