Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snow & Beams

Its been snowing like crazy so I spent most of the morning on the tractor. I did manage to get another beam up in the afternoon though, and also got the joist hangers installed on the last piece, so it's ready to go up too.


  1. Just wanted to wish you two a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This blog is great and it's amazing to see the progress of the house. I'm looking forward to see the end result. With potentially no 24 this season because of the writer's strike and oh ya, Kiefer being in jail :), you should have some extra time to work on the house. LOL

  2. Thanks! Back at ya'. Coincidentally enough, I had sent you an email this morning too. So, 24... you think it will be cancelled altogether?... or just delayed?. They should have had half the season done before the strike, don't you think?