Friday, February 15, 2008

Front Wall Taking Shape

The front wall is starting to take shape. The two cut-out areas are for the living room windows.

I've used three bars of reinforcing steel in the first row of ICFs to provide extra strength underneath the windows. There will be extra steel in all the wall cavities surrounding the windows.


  1. Oh neat! You are using the concrete form building method. My friends used that and it worked out so well and is so energy efficient! Awesome!

  2. I know absolutely nothing about the type of work you're doing - but it looks very professionally done so far. I will be checking back frequently for updates!

    I assume that when the structure is finished, you fill the gap between the walls with some type of spray in insulation?

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    Let me know.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys!

    Fred: The void in the styrofoam shell will be filled with concrete. The styrofoam itself then becomes the insulation. It makes for a very strong and energy efficient building.