Friday, February 29, 2008

"Price-Conscious Individuals" Club

I used to work with a couple of guys who were self-proclaimed "Price-conscious Individuals". (At least that's the politically correct term.) They referred to themselves as "Cheap B*stards".

They'd be proud of me for this one. I've had to rent a rebar bender many times to bend and cut rebar. It was only $15 a day to rent it, but it was a half-hour drive each way to pick it up and return it, so there was also the cost of time and gas. I often thought that there had to be a better way.

There are two things to deal with when trying to bend rebar. 1) You need a way to hold it down, and 2) you need a way to get a good grip on it to bend it. My solution was to drill a 1" hole through a tree in front of the house, and then drill another hole edge-wise through a 2x4. Now I just stick the rebar through the hole in the tree up to the point where I want it bent, then stick the 2x4 over the remaining part. I just pull on the 2x4, and ta-da... I've got a nice 90 degree bend. Works like a charm.

As far as cutting the rebar goes, I bought a diamond blade for $20 for my circular saw. I cut about 1/2 way through the rebar, then pull on the end. It snaps easily.

There, I think I just joined the PCI club.

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