Monday, March 17, 2008

Tardy Blog Posting

We've had several days of wet/snowy/crappy weather, but I'm back at it now and got quite a few things accomplished.

I've built the door buck for the other set of patio doors in the dining room and I've got the ICFs up to the 8' level all around. The lintels above the windows and doors have got extra rebar installed in them, but I didn't need to put stirrups in these lintels because the concrete wall continues up another five feet in this area. The building code only calls for stirrups in walls that are up to 36" taller than the openings. I've also started installing the second layer of 3/4" subfloor. This will help to stiffen the floor so that it will better support the porcelain tile that we'll be putting down.
Lastly, I've put up one of the temporary 2x6 walls that will be supporting the upstairs floor until the concrete has been poured. (I'll explain this once I get further along and have more pictures.)