Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Old Saying Is True

We're all familiar with the old saying: "Neccesity is the mother of invention" (apparently attibuted to Plato).

I needed to get several sheets of plywood up on top of the floor joists above the dining room area. A sheet of 3/4" plywood probably weighs about 50 pounds. Not overly heavy, but definitely very awkward to handle, especially when you're trying to lift it nine feet up in the air. So, I made a little ramp of sorts. Here's how it works.

I screwed two - 2x6x8s together for each side of the ramp. The bottom one overlaps the top one.

First, you stand the plywood on end and lean it against the ramp.

Next, you lift the plywood and slide it up the ramp until the bottom edge rests on the overlapped portion of the 2x6s.

Thirdly, you get underneath it and give it a big shove upwards. When you let go, it falls nicely onto the upstairs floor joists. Simple as that.

Now all I had to do was climb up top and slide the plywood into place. At this point the plywood is only temporarily screwed to the floor joists. This gives me a platform to work on so that I finish installing the ICFs. Once the concrete has been poured, I can then attach the ledger boards to the walls permanently, and subsequently attach the subfloor permanently.

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