Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beam Pockets

There will be a wooden beam installed above the kitchen near the back wall. It will support the floor joists for the loft area above the kitchen. The beam will sit in pockets that have been made in the concrete walls on either end.

The pockets are created by cutting out a hole in the ICF where the beam will sit, and then creating a "place-holder" block out of lumber, and putting that block in the hole in the ICF. Once the concrete has been poured around the block, you take out the block, and you're left with a pocket in which the beam will sit.

The wet concrete will flow behind and below the block to create a nice square pocket in the concrete. Just prior to pouring the concrete, I'll spray the blocks with a silicone lubricant so the concrete doesn't adhere to them too much. If they are really stubborn to remove, I can always cut them out with a chain saw.

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