Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Big Day

Today we poured the concrete for the main floor walls. The pump truck arrived at 7:30 and we were done by noon. There were three guys on the pump crew; one to run the remote control to direct the pump boom, one to run the hose, and one to run the vibrator.

Due to the amount of rebar around the doors and windows, it is very important to vibrate the concrete to ensure that it flows into all the nooks and crannies. Also, in order to aid in that process, an additive called super-plasticizer is added to the concrete just before it's pumped. That changes the consistency of the concrete to make it flow better.

Everything went very well with the exception of a small problem with the tall walls above the dining room. I'll cover that in a separate post.

This is one of the anchor bolts that gets embedded in the concrete while it's still wet. They're embedded at four-foot intervals around the perimeter of the house. They are 8" long and have a hook on the end. Once the concrete cures, they will be pretty much impossible to pull out. The sill plate gets attached to these, and then the roof trusses gets attached to the sill plate.

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