Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Building The End Gable Wall

I've built one-half of the gable wall for the west end of the house. Where possible, exterior walls like this are built flat on the floor and then lifted up into place. I have to build it one-half at a time because of the space it takes up.

Due to the wall's size and weight... 14' wide and 15' tall... 600 lbs(?) I'll need to use a crane to lift it up into place. That's okay though, because I need a crane to lift the main roof girder into place as well. I'll just do it all on the same day.

In order to ensure that the wall was built to the right length, I laid one of the roof trusses down first as a template, then built the wall on top of the truss.

You can see that the wall is not as tall as the truss. That's done to leave room for the lookouts that will form the eaves. More on that later.

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