Monday, June 16, 2008

Installing Sill Plates

The sill plates are the pieces of 2x8 treated lumber that sit on top of the concrete walls. The roof trusses will sit on top of the sill plates.

After I poured the concrete for the walls, I had inserted anchor bolts into the wet concrete at the tops of the walls. Those anchor bolts are what hold the sill plates to the top of the wall.

To install the sill plates, I laid out the lumber on the top of the wall, marked out the bolt locations, then drilled holes on the marks. The holes are drilled slightly oversized so that there is some "wiggle room". Before dropping the lumber down on top of the bolts, I installed a sill plate gasket. The gasket material is a type of spongy foam that comes on a long roll. It simply gets unrolled on the top of the wall and pushed down over top the bolts. When you bolt down the sill plates, the gasket compresses and forms an air tight seal under the sill plate.

Just before tightening everything down, I ran a string-line from one end of the wall to the other end, and then lined up the sill plates to the string-line. This keeps everything nice n' straight.

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