Sunday, July 13, 2008

Installing Roof Trusses

The roof trusses for the bedroom area are not all that big, so I was determinded to figure out a way to install them by myself. They only weigh about 100 lbs, but they're 16' across (20' with the tails), so they're very unwieldly for one person to handle. However, with the help of the tractor and the little crane I built, they're a piece of cake to install.

First of all I attach a 2x6x14 brace across the truss so that I can lift it with the front-end loader and carry it to the far side of the house.

Once I've moved it over to the other side of the house I lay it on the ground with the bottom side closest to the house. This photo was taken looking down from the second story.

Now I wrap a tow-strap around the truss and the brace, and I crank it up to the second floor.
I'm lifting it upside down so that when I get it to the top, I simply roll the crane back and the truss lays down with the bottom ends on top of the sill plates; ready to be tilted up into place.

Now that the truss is sitting on top of the sill plates, I unhook the crane and slide the truss in towards me. I lift the top peak of it up and set it on top of the ladder. Then I attach the crane hook to the peak, and crank it up; tilting the truss upwards.

Once I've tilted the truss up I attach it to the other trusses with short braces. The whole process of moving the truss, lifting it up to the second floor, and installing it takes about 45 minutes. There are 11 trusses for this section of the house.

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