Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Roof Sheathing

I started sheathing the roof today. A big part of the job is getting the plywood up to the roof; but with the help of a winch and a cable and a pulley... it's not too bad.

I put a pulley at the peak of the roof and I run the cable up from the winch; over the pulley; down the roofline and over the edge of the wall.
I've got my extension ladder set up so that the sheet of plywood just slides up the ladder as I winch it up.
When the plywood reaches the top, it goes up over the wheels on the top of the ladder and continues to slide up the roof. Then I manoeuvre it into place and nail it down.
I've left the outside sheet just hanging over the end of the lookout rafters for now. Once I get the outside rafter attached to the lookouts, then I'll run a chalkline and cut the end of the sheathing off.

By the way, it may look like an odd place to start laying the sheathing, but it is intentional. I started with the second row of sheathing so that I could stand on the still plate while I nailed the plywood down. It's just easier to have a solid place to stand on while you're working. The first row of sheathing will have to be done from a scaffold or boom-lift anyway, so I might as well take the advantage when I can. Also, I've started away from the wall on the left so that I wasn't left with a short sheet on the outside end of the roof.


  1. It looks like you are just a few weeks ahead of us. We are also getting ready to frame our walls and roof, we are just waiting for the concrete floors to cure before they are polished.

    Thanks for the great posts! You can see our progress at ConcreteCasa


  2. Thanks! It looks like you're making good progress with yours.

  3. are you doing this project on your own? do you have a schedule or a plan you could post, to compare against your actual progress? Also, do you have a budget?

    I did a whole house job three years ago, and am about to undertake another soon. Your blog is extremely interesting and heartening!

    Keep at it! Good luck!

  4. Hi Tom. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I'm doing 99.9% of the work myself. My original plan was to have everything done within a year, but at this point I would have to say that it's more likely to be 2 years.

    I am somewhat over budget too, but thankfully not as much as with the time estimate.