Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crane Day

I finally had the crane come in today to hoist up the west gable wall and the big roof girder. I had originally booked it for last week but we had to cancel because of bad weather. It was raining again today but I wanted to get the work out of the way so we went ahead anyway. The rain just makes things slippery and therefore a bit more dangerous.

The first thing we did was tilt up the west end gable wall. I had built it flat on the floor of the loft, so all we had to do was lift it up and place it on top of the sill plate. Once it was in place I put some long 2x6 braces on it to hold it place until the girder was up.

Next, he lifted the main girder up and slipped it into place on top of the columns in the end walls. Once it was in place, I scrambled up the ladder to put a few nails and a big clamp on both ends. That will hold it in place until it's permanently attached.

Lastly, I had him lift up the trusses and put them in the loft area. I'll still have to put them up manually, but at least they'll be right where I need them.


  1. This is such a good blog. Very interesting. I'm framing my basement atm and it is taking me about one hour of thought and work for every foot of wall that I actually put up...

  2. Hey Cam... Thanks. Yeah, I've found that figuring out *how* to do something sometimes takes as long as actually doing the work too.

  3. Dave Vollhoffer Says:
    Looking good! Soon you will be able to move in.

  4. Thanks Dave. Well, "soon" is a relative term I guess. I'll be moving in soon when compared to the coming of the next Ice Age.