Monday, September 1, 2008

Long Truss Test

Today I winched up one of the long roof trusses that hang off the main girder. I'm not really ready to start installing them yet, but I just wanted to see how it went up and how it fits. So far, so good.


  1. I am currently designing a home for my land on a Mississippi River bluff here in Wisconsin, and ran across your blog a few days back (read the whole thing over the last few days). I was kind of shocked when I saw the beam and trusses you used! What is the snow load for your area? The trusses and beam you show look enormous! Here in Wisconsin, we have a simple map that divides the state into 30 an 40 psf zones (I’m in the 30 psf zone). I couldn’t find info for your area, but found Washington to have between 15 and 760 psf (Chinook Pass).

  2. Thanks for your comment Mark. The snow load here is 116 psf; which I thought was fairly substantial. I can't imagine what the building requirements would be for the Chinook Pass area!