Thursday, September 18, 2008

Roof Section Done

I've finished shingling the first section of the roof. All in all it went pretty well. They're 99% straight and I didn't have to tear any off and start over. I did learn a few things that I'll do differently when I do the next section. For instance, work proceeds much faster when you have a big stack of shingles to draw from; but it only takes a few minutes of them sitting in the sun before they start to stick together. Also, next time I'll try to cut all the short pieces on the ground rather than up on the scaffolding. But hey, that's part of what this is all about... learning better ways to do things.


  1. I found it interesting how you did a bottom up method you spoke of (I learned something new)... from the looks of it you did it in thirds.
    The snow is coming so you better get that roof done so I have a place to stay when I am out there sledding again. :)

  2. Hey Dave... Yeah, shingling in sections worked pretty well. By the time I'm finished I ought to be pretty good at it.