Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Roof Trusses For Dormers

I'm continuing to work on the roof trusses this week. There will be four dormers in the house; two in front and two in the back. The trusses on either side of the dormers are doubled up, similar to the way the main roof girder is. They get nailed together with two rows of nails, six to eight inches apart. It's amazing how much sturdier the trusses are when you put two together. When a single truss is attached at the top and bottom only (i.e. before it's braced), you can flex it sideways a bit. However, when you've got two together they're really solid. And of course, once they are all braced together, they're pretty much immovable.

The short trusses at the top form the roof section above the dormer. This is the point at which the dormer roof meets the main roof.