Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roofing Progress

I've got the top quarter of the roof shingled now and I've installed the roof vent.

All roofs need to be ventilated properly so as to prevent moisture buildup within the roof cavity. This is usually done with a combination of vented soffits (under the eaves) and some sort of opening higher up the roof. I've chosen to use a ridge vent because they work well with vaulted ceilings. A ridge vent consists of an open slot - about 2" wide - that runs the length of the ridge (except over the eaves); covered by a vinyl cap and shingles. The vinyl cap is 15" wide and folds down on both sides of the ridge. It has a series of baffles on the bottom side that prevent windblown rain and snow from getting underneath it. I haven't put the cap shingles on it yet, but once they're on, the vent will blend into the roof-line and won't be so noticeable.

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