Sunday, February 15, 2009

Girder Reinforcement

The engineering specifications for the main roof girder required that an additional 2x10 be attached across the bottom on both faces of the girder. Here I've added the 12' middle section.

To install it, I attached a couple of long clamps to the bottom of the girder, then rested the 2x10 on top of the clamps until I had it nailed in place. It's attached with 3 rows of nails spaced 6" apart.


  1. I spent this morning reading your *entire* blog and I must say I am immpressed with your self-confidence and ability to learn on the fly!

    If I may ask, what kind of work did you do before you took on this project and what type of great fortune has befallen you to be able to take a couple of years off to take on this great adventure? I have often dreamed of doing this same thing but my wife and five kids keep me pretty busy. :)

    Thanks for the blog and keep it all coming, I can't wait to see the finished product. I'm sure it will be impressive to see, but not nearly as amazing as the feeling you will have having completed this yourself with minimal help from others.

    Cheers and congrats on the amazing progress to-date!

    - Eric

  2. Thanks for the comments Eric! Wow... you read through the entire blog at one sitting? Impressive!

    I'm a "computer guy" by trade. A bit of a jack-of-all-trades in that business too.

    As far as what great fortune befell me... I did quite well when I sold my house in Calgary before moving out to the Kootenays. That gave me a running start on the house project, but I've actually employed for the past year as well... hence the slow progress on the house sometimes.

    Yes, this is definitely an adventure, and I've had more good days than bad days... but even the bad days beat sitting in a cubicle.

    Just think... with five kids... if you ever decide to do something like this... you've already got five built-in helpers!

  3. I agree with your cubicle assessment. I'm a cube farm boy myself (programmer).

    Hey you're right about the kids. Maybe I'll wait a few years and put them all to work! I'd love the opportunity to teach them what it takes to build an entire house.

    - Eric