Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dormer Roof Framing

I'm doing the framing for where the roofline of the dormer meets the main roofline, and I've found that the angles get a bit tricky here. The photos below show where I have to put a framing member to support the roof sheathing where the two rooflines meet. (I've got a chalkline strung between the two endpoints, but in the photos it dissappeared against the sky, so I've drawn a line on the photos to show where the chalkline is.)

To figure out what angle I need to cut, I hold a speed-square up to the chalkline and see where the string is. Here you can see it's at 55 degrees. Now, because this is 55 degrees from vertical, I need to cut the end of the framing members at 35 degrees (35 + 55 = 90), because when I'm cutting the lumber, I'm cutting it from along the horizontal plane.

The framing members are made of two 2x6's back to back. As well as the ends being angled, the tops are bevelled to form a V-shape so that the edges of the roof sheathing of the two rooflines have a solid base for nailing.

The finished product. Everything fits.

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