Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finishing Up The Wall Sheathing

I've finally got the sheathing done on the west gable wall. Now I can build the "plug" for the hole for the doorway into the future master bedroom.


  1. So how did you get the final pieces in place? They appear to be quite a bit higher than your top scaffold board!

  2. Aha... yes... well, the short answer is: "with great difficulty".

    I lifted the plywood up with a winch and cable over a pulley near the peak. That part was easy.

    Then, I used a ladder inside the house to climb up and lean over the top of the wall and tack the plywood in place with a couple of nails. Once it was tacked in place I unhooked the cable.

    Finally, I put a ladder on top of the scaffolding you see outside the house, and finished the nailing from the outside.

    I'm not crazy about heights but I've been forced to learn to deal with it. However, I'm really glad this part is done. I didn't like being up on that ladder on top of the scaffolding.

  3. Yikes, a ladder on top of the scaffold!

    I was hoping you wouldn't say that...

    Maybe it is time to invest in a few more scaffolding parts?

  4. Perhaps you're right. However, I did work as safe as I could.

    I used an extension ladder up against the wall (not a step-ladder). I had tied the top of the scaffolding to the house so that the scaffolding could't tip away from the house, and I had tied the base of the ladder to the scaffolding so the ladder couldn't move. So, all-in-all, fairly safe.

    However, having said that, when it comes time to do the siding on the house, I'll be using more scaffolding.