Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sealing Around The Wall Plug

The temporary wall plug I installed previously needs to be sealed to the permanent wall. This is done with spray-foam; kind of like "styrofoam-in-a-can". The foam is sprayed into the gap between the studs of the permanent wall and the temporary wall plug.

When I built the wall plug, I purposely built it so that it didn't fit too snugly. The foam sealant works best if it has a slight gap to fill. In this case I have about a 1/8" - 3/16". If the studs fit too close together, the foam can't get in-between them very well.

There is a straw-like nozzle on the can so that you can direct the foam deep into the gap, rather than just on the surface of the gap. Once the foam is sprayed in, it expands to seal everything up... protecting against both water and air infiltration. When the foam hardens after a couple of hours, you can just trim the excess away with a knife or small saw.

The red circle on the photo below shows the area that's detailed in the following photos.

As the foam hardens, it expands to fill the gap. The foam that expands outwards will just be trimmed off.

This is after the excess foam has been trimmed off.