Sunday, March 29, 2009

Short Roof Shingling

I've got the shingling finished on the short roof over the kitchen. This was an easy job because of the low slope on this roof section.

The Building Code requires that the area over the eaves has a strip of ice and water shield applied before the shingles are installed. The ice and water shield is a peel n' stick membrane that adheres to the roof sheathing and also seals itself around the nails when you install the shingles. The type I'm using is called Resisto Lastobond Sanded Finish.

Normally you would install the ice and water shield over the eaves only, and then use roofing felt for the rest of the roof. However, because this section of roof is small, I used the ice and water shield over the the whole section. Some builders are using this technique for entire roofs now; but it does add to the cost.

Here you can see that I've extended the ice and water shield up the wall a few inches. I will install an L-shaped metal flashing here called an apron flashing. The house wrap and siding will come down over top of the apron flashing. That will keep the rain and snow where it belongs; on the outside of the house.

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