Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wall Plug In Place

The opening in the outside wall on the upstairs level is for a doorway that will lead into the a master bedroom over a future attached garage. All I'm doing for now is filling that hole with a small section of framed wall; as a "plug". The structural support for the opening is already built into the outside wall, so when I get around to building the garage and master bedroom, I can simply remove that plug and replace it with a set of French doors.

That end of the house doesn't have any permanent windows because the garage will be built there. I hadn't originally planned on putting a window in the plug, but I found a good deal on a window at a clearance centre so I decided to put one in. It breaks up the solid expanse of the end wall and adds extra light to the loft area.

I built the wall section on the floor and then tilted it up and slid it into place. I've screwed it to the surrounding wall structure rather than nailing it. That way, when it comes time to remove it, I can just remove the screws... much easier than trying to pull nails out. I'll caulk around the wall section on the outside before the housewrap goes on, and on the inside before the drywall goes on.

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