Monday, March 16, 2009

When The Smart Thing To Do... Isn't

I'm continuing to work on the roof trusses for the dormer I've been building. The roof truss on the end of the dormer also forms the front gable above the window. When I built the last dormer, I installed the end roof truss, and then put the plywood sheathing on afterwards. This time I thought I would be smarter and put the plywood sheathing on first... before I put the truss up. While I was at it, I thought I'd install the Tyvek house wrap at the same time. By doing that work ahead of time, I'd have one less awkward job to do up on top of a ladder later.

Here's the sheathed and wrapped gable truss.

The truss isn't terribly heavy... about 70 lbs... but it's awkward to move.... particularly because the rafter tails are wider than the space I'm trying to manueuver it in. I got it half way up the wall and wedged it solid in between the side walls. I couldn't move it up and I couldn't move it down. One of the problems with having it sheathed and wrapped is that there's less places to hold on to, and also the housewrap is also very slippery. This is definitely one of those times when an extra pair of hands would have made all the difference.

I finally set up my winch and pulley system and was able to lift it from the top and pry it from underneath to get it un-stuck. However, I finally gave up trying to get it up to the top. It just wasn't going to happen that day.

So, I went back to the way I did the last one... I just put the bare gable truss up. I'll sheath it later. Getting the bare truss up to the top was a piece of cake. In fact, I put that truss up, as well as the two remaining inside trusses and had them all nailed into place in less than half the time I spent trying to get the sheathed truss up.