Monday, June 15, 2009

Finishing Up The Framing For The Roof

I've been finishing up the roof framing details.... the short trusses above the last dormer and the last of the lookout rafters.


  1. Hey Marlon, how do you keep things that need to be worked on organized?
    Did the plans create a step by step or do you try to plan an efficient strategy all the time?
    Have you had a "one step backwards" moment because you forgot something?

    Dave, in Regina

  2. Hi Dave! I think you give me too much credit for having this project that organized. Hahaha...

    There's no detailed step-by-step plan. It's all just in my head based on what I've researched and common sense.

    My day-to-day strategy is not very complicated. At the end of the day I wander around and look at things for a few minutes and decide what has to be done the next day. That's about it.

    As far as efficiency goes... well, sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not. I try to work efficiently when I can, especially when I'm using scaffolding.

    For example: The "proper" way to build the dormers would have been to frame all four of them first, then go back and put on the wall and roof sheathing, and then go back and install the windows. That way, you get into a bit of rhythm and there would be a bit more consistency.

    However, when I was doing them, I tried to do all of the work on one dormer first... before I moved on to the next one. My reasoning for this was: "I have the scaffolding all set up, I'm going to finish it now so that I don't have to move the scaffolding around as much".

    Now, having said that, I don't/can't always do that. For instance... it would make sense to finish the exteriors of the dormers (siding, window trim, soffits, fascia) while I have the work platforms set up on the roof. But I can't because I haven't decided on exterior colors yet.

    Oh yes, I've definitely had a few "one step backwards" moments that caused me to have to do some re-work. Time-wise, over the course of things, I've no doubt lost a few days work. Dollar-wise, there's been nothing major fortunately... a few sticks of lumber, etc.

    I do have a file in which I keep some notes about things I should or shouldn't have done. Y'know... in case I do this again sometime.