Sunday, June 7, 2009

Installing The End Roof Truss In The Dormer

When I built the first dormer on the back of the house, I installed the end truss before I sheathed it and housewrapped it. It was easy to put up the truss, but difficult to sheath and wrap it; just because of the height off the ground.

For the next dormer, I thought I'd be smart and install the plywood sheathing and housewrap on the truss before I installed the truss. Good idea, but I found impossible to get the truss up on top of the walls. It was just too awkward and heavy and the housewrap was too slippery.

For this dormer, I came up with yet another idea. I first hoisted the truss up on top of the cheek walls and just let it hang upside down.

Then I lifted it up flat and balanced it on top of the end wall while I nailed on the plywood sheathing.

Then I let it hang back upside down again and I installed the housewrap.

Once all that was done it was simple to flip it up on top of the end wall and clamp a brace on it.

All trusses up and framing done... ready for sheathing.

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