Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mrs. Necessity Pays A Visit

A bundle of shingles weighs just over 60 lbs. Some guys can hoist a bundle up on their shoulder and then hike up a ladder to the roof. Not me; I'm not built for that. I have to split the bundle in two and then carry them up loose. It's a pain because once they're unwrapped they flop around too much.

So, I came up with another way to get them up there. I threw together a little sled that I can winch up the ladder. It works great! I've tried it with two bundles at a time, but everything creaks and groans too much, and it was difficult to unload them at the top, so I've just been bringing them up one bundle at a time. It's no faster than splitting the bundle and carrying them up, but much easier... and safer.

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