Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trimming The Roof Sheathing

When I first started putting up the roof sheathing, I tried to cut the sheets so that they all lined up evenly on the gable end of the roof. It proved to be an exercise in futility because if the trusses don't line up exactly right, or the sheets get out of square a little bit... and sometimes they did... then you end up with an uneven edge. I finally gave up and just let the edges run wild at the end. Then, once the sheathing was finished, I would just trim them off.

Here you can see that the roof edge is uneven. I've run a chalk-line from top to bottom and I'll use a circular saw to trim the edges. Note that the chalk-line isn't where the cut-line will be, it's where the edge of the saw rides. If I'd have put the chalk-line where I wanted to cut, I'd have had to lean out and look up over the top of the saw to see the line. This way was just safer considering where I'm working.

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