Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Shingling

I've shingled one side of the second front dormer and now I'm working my way down the roof and in between the dormers.

Shingles are installed so that they overlap each other, and they're designed with an adhesive on the back so that they'll stick together where they're overlapped. This helps prevent them from getting blown off in the wind as well as preventing water from getting underneath. In hot weather, they'll start to stick together within about 15 minutes, and they're difficult to separate once that happens.

When I finish doing a section of shingles, I stick shims under the edges of the bottom two rows. The shims keep the shingles separated just enough so that they don't stick to the roof or to each other. This is important because when I'm doing the next section of shingles below, I need to be able to lift these edges up so that I can nail the top row of the next section in place. When I'm done nailing that top row, I pull out the shims and everything sticks together like it's supposed to.

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