Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ring-Shanked Nails

For the roof platforms I use for shingling, I usually tack everything together with hand-driven 3" common nails because it's easier to pull everything apart when I need to move the platforms. Today I was reassembling one of the platforms and I didn't have any of the 3" nails within reach, so I grabbed my framing nailer and used it.

I use ring-shanked nails in my framing nailer. The rings are like little ridges on the nail. There is also a red coating on the bottom half of the nails, which I imagine is something to increase adhesion.

Anyway, after I was done with the work platform and started tearing it apart, those nails held so well that when I went to pry the top board off, it pulled the heads of both nails right through the top board. The nails stayed stuck in the bottom board. This has actually happened to me several times, and I'm continually amazed by how well those nails can hold.

Click on the photo below to enlarge it. You can see the two nails are still stuck in the bottom board after I've pried the top board off.

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