Sunday, November 22, 2009

Main Stairway Finished

I finished the stairs to the loft today. All in all, they turned out well and I'm very pleased with them.

I used my table saw to cut the dadoes in the stair treads and the risers. I don't have dado blades, so I just make several passes; moving over 1/16" each time.

The top of the riser fits into the bottom of the stair tread, and the back of the stair tread fits into the bottom face of the next riser.


  1. The stairs look great. You have a lot of patience to make all those cuts without a dado blade.

    How do you plan to finish the stairs? Will you put hardwood treads on the plywood, do carpet, or something else?

  2. Hope you can keep out of the elements this winter. At least you won't have to shovel your floor.

    (in the city that rhymes with fun)

  3. Thanks Tim. Yes... I was getting kind of tired of standing in front of the table saw after doing all those stair treads.

    I'm going to put porcelain tile or ceramic tile throughout most of the house... including the stairs.

    For the front edge of the steps, I'm planning on using a product called Rondec-Step by Schluter. It's a metal trim (aluminum I think) that is made specifically for edging the front of tile-covered steps. It finishes the stairs off nicely and protects the edge of the tile.

  4. Hahaha... Hey Dave! I know where you're writing from... and it ain't Moose Jaw.

    Yeah... it's so nice to have everything dry and snow-free this year. Now I just have to put up with plain sawdust, not sawdust n' slush.