Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Bit More Wiring Done

I'm continuing to work on the rough wiring.  Notice that I leave a bit of extra wire looped close to the electrical boxes.  That's just in case I screw something up when wiring a plug or switch and I need a few more inches of wire.  The cost of an extra foot of wire is minimal compared to the cost (and labour) of having to run an entire new length of wire.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Plumbing Pressure Test Successful

A few posts ago I was talking about having some difficulties when trying to pressure test my plumbing system.  The rubber o-rings on the cleanout plugs weren't sealing properly.  The solution was to smear a bit of plumber's grease on the o-rings.  Problem solved.

My pressure test is now successful. The building code calls for the pressure test to hold 5 P.S.I. for 15 minutes. Today I pumped in 6 pounds to test it.  This photo was taken after 30 minutes....  still holding tight at 6 P.S.I. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Electrical Work

Lately I've been working on my electrical system again; running wire and installing switch boxes and outlets.

For the plugs or switches installed in the outside walls, I cut a hole out of the ICF foam for the electrical box and a slot for the wire. Once the inspections are done, I'll use spray-foam to fill in the slots. For the interior walls, the electrical box has fins on it so that you can easily attach it to a stud with screws.

The wiring for the house will be done in two stages. The first stage includes installing the meter base and service panel (which I finished several weeks ago) and installing the wire, outlets, and switches for a few lights and a few plugs. That's all done now and I've called for my electrical inspection. If everything passes, the Electrical Company will bring my power directly to the house and I won't have to run extension cords from my temporary power pole.

The second stage will be to install the rest of the plugs, switches, etc, and run the wire "up to" the service panel, but not "attached to" the service panel. Then the inspector will come back and check everything out. If all is okay, then I can attach everything to the service panel and the electrical work will be considered finished.

I'm using colored electrical tape to mark both ends of the wire when I run it from an electrical box to the service panel. That way I know which circuit breakers control which plugs and lights.