Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Bit More Wiring Done

I'm continuing to work on the rough wiring.  Notice that I leave a bit of extra wire looped close to the electrical boxes.  That's just in case I screw something up when wiring a plug or switch and I need a few more inches of wire.  The cost of an extra foot of wire is minimal compared to the cost (and labour) of having to run an entire new length of wire.


  1. Hi Marlon. Just wanted to offer a word of encouragement. We spent several weeks on rough wiring in our house so I know it can seem to take forever.

    Here's a few suggestions from our experience:
    - Use lots of circuits and fewer items on circuits. We used two 30-slot 100 amp breaker panels at different spots in the house instead of a single 200 amp panel. This breaks our wiring into smaller circuits and avoids long runs from one end of the house to the other.
    - Make sure you mark each cable end very clearly so you don't have to remember the circuits.
    - Use 12-gauge wire for your normal circuits. It simplifies the process (you don't have to decide how much load) and gives you more flexibility/options without a lot of additional cost.
    - Run some Cat 5 cable from a central location to some boxes while your walls are still open. And run cable from the outside to a central location. This will be useful for later computer or phone connections.
    - Mark the location of each box on the floor so that when you cover up the walls you can ensure that you don't forget to cut out any boxes.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Tim... thanks for the suggestions! It's nice to hear ideas from someone who's already gone through it all.

    Interesting thought about using two smaller panels instead of one large panel. I never thought of that. I've got a single 200-amp, 40 slot panel. The house is small enough that long wiring runs shouldn't be a problem.