Friday, April 2, 2010

Electrical Inspection

I had my electrical inspection and everything was good except for one thing.  I had originally put my grounding electrode in the soil in the basement, but the Inspector told me that the Electrical Code here specifies that the grounding electrode must be buried outside the house. 

This was something I wasn't aware of, and I'm not quite sure what the difference is; but the Electrical Inspector has been really good to deal with and has been very helpful, so I wasn't going to question him.

So, I simply dug a big hole outside the house and moved my grounding electrode outside.  Easy peasy. 

The Inspector came back and passed it, and I'm good-to-go with getting power directly to the house.


  1. Hi!

    Just to clarify it a bit, it may have some sense. In the event the grounding is doing its job (so there is an electricity leakage to this wire and plate), the soil around it dissipates it in the neighborhood of the plate. If the leakage is strong (a lightning?), then you can get a significant voltage between 2 points which are close enough to the plate. Now, what do you prefer, in the (admittedly unlikely) event that this happens: to be bare feet in your basement right above the plate, or to have your shoes on, outside, above the plate? :) And I suspect the probability to be in the basement is higher than being outside exactly in that place.


  2. I stumbled across your blog when I pushed the "Next Blog" button after I updated my blog. We are building our own home, too! My husband is doing 90% of the work himself. If you would like to see our attempt at building, check out our blog at:
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    We are building a log home in southern California. Thanks for letting me sneak a peek at your blog. I enjoyed seeing another "regular person" building their own home.
    ~Debi Whiting

  3. Hello Vasile. Ah yes! That makes perfect sense. Thank you!

  4. Hi Debi. I'm glad you stumbled upon my blog. Yep... just a regular guy... doing lots of research and makin' lots of sawdust.

    Your house looks great! I had thought of doing a log home as well... back in my initial planning stages. Who knows... maybe next time.