Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bedroom Windows Installed

I installed the bedroom windows this weekend.  These were the last windows I had left to install.

The toughest one was the arched window.  In order to build the rough window opening the same shape as the window, I measured the height of the window at six inch intervals along the bottom of the window, then used those measurements to draw the arch on the inside of the plywood sheathing that covered the existing opening.

You can see the pencil lines I've drawn on the plywood in the photo below. (Click on it to enlarge it.)

Once I had the arch drawn out, I cut the plywood out and then built up the arched top with 2x6's glued and screwed together.  In this case, the rough window opening itself doesn't really support any weight; all it has to do is hold the window in place.  The header above the window, which is supported by 2x6's beside the window, is what bears the weight of the wall above. 

The finished product.  

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