Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Housewrap Done

I finished up a bit more housewrap on the weekend.  One thing I didn't mention before was how I was attaching the housewrap to the ICFs.  For plywood sheathing, housewrap is normally just stapled to the wall.  However, staples won't work on the styrofoam. 

I've read about screws with oversize plastic heads that are designed for this, but I've been unable to find a supplier for them.  So, I'm improvising by using a large flat washer... called a fender washer... with normal screws.  I drive the screw into the web of the ICF, and the washer holds the housewrap tight to the wall.  Then I cover it with a piece of the red housewrap tape.  I'm putting them in every four feet, staggered in rows about three feet apart. 


  1. Hi Marlon. I am very amazed with your hard work and carpentry skills. I thought it would be impossible to build your dream house alone but you proved me wrong. It's really fascinating how you are doing this all by yourself.

    Honestly, it has always been my dream to do a do it yourself house building but never really got the motivation like yours to materialize it.

    Anyway, hats off to you! Congrats, Man.

  2. Thanks Red! I really appreciate the compliment. Yep, it's a long, hard road, but I know it will be worth it.



  3. It will be all worth it.

    I'll be coming back to your blog to see your progress.