Monday, May 24, 2010

My Favorite Place To Work

Today I put up some housewrap on the east wall of the house.  The housewrap comes in a 9' wide roll, but I cut it into smaller sheets and installed it around the windows... rather than hanging one long piece across the entire wall and then cutting out the window openings afterwards. 

There are pros and cons for both methods I suppose.  Hanging it in one long piece would be neater, but there's less waste doing it the way I did. Also, being that I'm doing it by myself, it would be quite cumbersome trying to work with a piece 9' high and 16' wide; especially up on a ladder.  I'll have to think about that some more though, because I've got lots more to hang.

On one trip up the ladder, I reached up to grab one of the lookout rafters to steady myself.  My fingers brushed something that didn't feel like lumber.  When I leaned over to look, I got a big surprise.... it was a fairly large wasp's nest... about 5" across.  Fortunately this must have been a nest from last year because there was nobody home.  You can see another smaller nest on the next rafter up as well.

Okay, working way up in the air is not my favorite place to work, but it has to be done... so I do it. I've learned that if I stop thinking about where I am (but at the same time be mindful of it) and concentrate on the work at hand... it's really not that bad.

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  1. Not my favorite place to work either- I haven't mastered the "stop thinking about it but don't fall off the ladder/roof" part yet... but I'll be getting plenty of practice soon.