Friday, July 9, 2010

Basement Drainage System

It's been quite hot here the past week so it's given me a good excuse to do some work in the basement where it's nice and cool.  I've installed a drainage system that consists of a sump pit and pipes that wind their way around the perimeter of the basement.

It's 4" perforated drain pipe that's covered first with crushed rock, then with landscape fabric, then with dirt.  (The drainage pipe I'm talking about is the white pipe in the photos.  The black pipe is for the plumbing drains.  The two systems are not connected.)

Just to back up for a minute... When I poured the concrete footings for the house, there were two or three places where the footings were sitting on bedrock, not on soil. It's that bedrock that's causing the problem here. When all the snow melts in the spring, water is seeping into the basement through fissures in that bedrock; below the footings and the exterior drainage system.  Now, that water will now find it's way into this interior drain pipe and sump pit, where I can pump it back outside.

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