Thursday, July 8, 2010

Getting Materials Into The Basement

I have to get a bunch of soil, crushed rock, and gravel down into the basement, so I've built a crude chute to funnel everything down through one of the basement windows.  The chute is just made of scrap lumber, plywood, and plastic sheets that I had laying around. 

At first I tried to used it with just the bare plywood on the bed of the chute, but I found that a lot of the soil just sat there... it didn't slide down the chute.  That's when I got the idea to put the heavy plastic sheets on top of the plywood.  It's much more slippery than the plywood, and the soil slides right down it.  (The heavy plastic sheets came as part of the shipping material from the ICF blocks that the house is built with.)

I simply load up the bucket on the tractor and dump it over top of the chute.  Down in the basement, I put a wheelbarrow underneath the chute and I can wheel the material over to wherever I need it. 

It aint pretty, but it works.

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