Sunday, August 15, 2010

Preparing for Roofing Insulation

I'm getting ready to start insulating my roof now. The first thing I have to do is install the insulation baffles... also known as insulation stops or rafter vents.

The roof is designed so that there will be an air space between the insulation and the bottom surface of the roof sheathing. That space allows air to move freely from the soffit vents under the eaves up to the roof vents at the peak. That air movement will help to prevent condensation from forming in the roof cavity during the winter and keep the roof cooler in the summer.

The purpose of the insulation baffles is to preserve that air space by preventing the insulation from touching the roof sheathing.  The baffles also prevent any insulation from falling into the soffit area underneath the eaves.

The baffles are made of thin styrofoam and are simply stapled to the bottom side of the roof sheathing between the roof trusses.  The molded shape of the baffle ensures that there is space for free air movement between the baffle and the roof sheathing.

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  1. Is this really a do-it-yourself house? Cool. We're doing one too, and we'll be just starting on the roofing. Lincoln (Nebraska) is kinda rainy these past few days, though. So I'm not sure yet if we'll be able to finish the roof in the kitchen. Good luck on your project!