Friday, September 10, 2010

Insulation Updates

I've finished insulating the bedroom ceiling and have installed the vapor barrier.  I'm using 6 mil poly for the vapor barrier. 

The last time I installed a vapor barrier (many years ago), the building code called for all studs, joists, and trusses to have a bead of sealant applied before the poly was installed. The sealant works well, but it's extremely messy to work with.  It's vile, black stuff that gets on everything!

However, much to my pleasant surprise, the building code has changed. The sealant is not required if the seams in the poly are overlapped by at least 4" and sealed with tape.  Woo-hoo!  What was once a somewhat dreadful job is now not so bad at all.

Having said all that... the sealant does do an excellent job of keeping the warm air in the house from escaping into the roof cavity, so I'm still using it in some places... on the top and bottom plates of the walls, and where the roof trusses meet the sill plates.


  1. Wow! Impressive project. I found your site because I told my Mrs. that I wanted to build a shed (sized like a one car garage) and that I could do it myself, "it shouldn't be difficult... just a bunch of wood & nails & stuff". I figured the internet would place to find others that have done the same. Your project however is well beyond mine.

    Mine is simple box (12x20), no dormers, roof valley or anything complex. It does have footings and concrete support pillars though. I am 3 months in (weekend only) and just finishing up the roofing. Siding next, then I'm done. I can totally appreciate the time and effort to construct what you have created, all by yourself. Congrats. It looks amazing.

  2. Thanks for the comment! It sounds like you're making good time. There are times when I think I've bitten off more than I can chew; but I keep plugging away at it anyway. Can't stop now!